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Scambler Town Board Monthly Meeting Times for 2019 are the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm

Township Clerk hours are Tuesdays 8:00 am to 12 noon.

Scambler Township residents; The Designated Polling Place for all 2020 Federal, State, and Local Elections will be Scambler Townhall located at 18799 State Hwy 34, Pelican Rapids, MN (Scambler Township Resolution #2019-04)



Scambler Township has implemented zoning, nuisance, and sign ordinances. There is also a comprehensive road policy and a number of township resolutions that have been adopted. If you live or own land in Scambler Township, these documents may pertain to you.

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History: The county commissioners organized Scambler township on August 8, 1871, in response to a petition signed by a majority of the legal voters of township 137, range 43. The record states that the name Scambler was given the township according to the request of the petitioners. The first election was held at the house of R. Scambler in whose honor the township was named. Congressional township 137, range 42 (now known as Dunn township) was attached to Scambler on September 4, 1873, and remained a part of this township until it was created as an independent civil township on March 16, 1880. The reasons given by the legal voters who petitioned the commissioners to attach township 137, range 42, to the township of Scambler are given verbatim: "That township 137, range 42, does not contain legal voters enough to be organized and is also principle timber and lakes and without the prospect of being settled for sometime so as to be organized separately."

Scambler township is the extreme western township of range 137. The excellent farming land to be found in the township was responsible for its early settlement. The largest lake in the township is Pelican, about half of which is in Dunn township to the east. Other lakes in the township are Tamarac, Sand, Pete, Harrison, Rankley and Grove.

The first approach to a village in the township was made in the northern part of section 2,where an embryonic village by the name of Pelican Lake was flourishing in the latter part of the eighteen seventies. Here were clustered some dozen buildings, including a store and a blacksmith shop. For several years a post office was maintained here, but it was discontinued in 1905 when the rural free delivery was established out of Pelican Rapids. There was another post office at Bangor in section 34 which was maintained until the free delivery caused it to be discontinued in 1903.

In the early nineteen hundreds two summer resorts platted on the north shore of Pelican lake, Clear View and Pelican Beach. The former is located in section 1 and was platted by Martin Aalberg for Jennie M. King in the fall of 1900, the plat being recorded on August 4 of the same year. Pelican Beach is in section 2 and was platted by O. C. Molden in 1912 for O. M. and Cora E. Carr. The plat was recorded on August 19, 1912.

The first church was established in the township in the eighteen seventies and stood in the northwest corner of section 33. A cemetery was maintained in connection with the church, and another burial ground was located in section 27. Today there are two churches in the township one being in the sw quarter of section 28 and the other being in the nw quarter of section 24. The town hall is in the nw quarter of section 27.

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